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The "Joomla!" Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your own web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and information and stores them in a safe, logical manner. This content can be anything that is digitally representable including simple text, photos, music, video, documents, and other content in just about any combination you can think of.

We use a modern and integrated approach for building state-of-the-art websites using open-source technologies as the foundation for providing you with a powerful, flexible, and secure, web publishing platform for your small business.


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Our websites are built using the award-winning, open-source "Joomla!" software. This is a highly regarded content management system for building dynamic, database-driven websites with many desirable options. Joomla! has a huge support base with a very active online community, excellent documentation, is web-standards compliant, highly customizable, and built on open source software technology. You are not locked into one person or company's closed, proprietary system. Joomla! is so much more than just a powerful content management system. Here is a list of features "out of the box".

  • User Management
  • Media Manager
  • Banner Management
  • Contact Management
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Web Link Management
  • Content Management
  • Syndication & Newsfeed
  • Menu Manager
  • Template Management
  • Integrated Help System
  • Advanced System Features
  • Web Services
  • Powerful Extensibility

Powerful Extensibility - The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED)

Joomla Extensions Directory 300pxClick to visit the JEDJoomla! is already a richly featured system in its stock form but the true power of Joomla is in its extensibility. If you are building a website with Joomla! and you need extra features which aren't available by default, you can easily extend Joomla! with extensions. There are five types of extensions for Joomla!: Components, Modules, Plugins, Templates, and Languages. Each of these types of extensions handle specific functionality. Joomla! has approximately 4000 extensions that can be added to the base Joomla! install. I've highlighted several of the more popular extensions in the right column of this page. They give a good hint at the amount of extensibility Joomla! has. If you would like to look through more extensions, use this link to the Joomla! Extension Directory.

A Huge Variety of Professionally Designed Theme Templates

One of the key points to take into account about Joomla! is the fact that how the website looks is separate from the site's textual content and functionality. What the site looks like is determined by the template that is installed. Switch the template, and you switch the look.

A large and vibrant designer community has grown up around the open source Joomla! project and together they provide an amazing variety of professionally designed theme templates that can be used with your Joomla! site. In most cases, you receive all creative output including source code files, original images, css stylesheets, and related material with the theme so that it can be customized much further, including choosing custom colors, font choices, logos, content images, background images, and changing any other visual aspect. Taking advantage of these professional designers' output allows the preview of dozens of top of the line designs in order to choose an advanced starting point to begin customizing and creating your own unique site.

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