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Private, Office Only "Instant Messaging"

Do you want to keep your office's instant message chat sessions private and secure? Do you want the convenience of Instant Messaging without the outside distractions and advertising of a public instant messenger (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc.) Do you want to keep a record of the messaging activity within your office for reference? You can bring those sensitive communications in-house entirely and under your control with a private LAN Messaging System that never leaves the privacy of your own office network.

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The popular OMessenger is a private LAN Messaging system that is installed and run exclusively from the safety of your own business network. Your office's private chat sessions never leave the internal network, providing you with enhanced security and peace of mind. The messaging service also works over your remote branch and home office VPN connections to connect and communicate with the main office!

Featuring the following functionality:

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  • One-to-One Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Announcements & Broadcast
    For sending reminders, notices, etc.
  • Emoticons, Buzz User
  • File Transfer
    Send files to a user just by dropping on their name.
  • Offline Messaging & File Transfer
    Users receive them on next login
  • Sealed Message Delivery
    Signal the receiver that the message is private
  • Messages are encrypted with FIPS certified AES 128 bit cryptography
  • Show User Status
  • Show Pop-Up Message
    When user enters/exits a chat
  • Display Time Stamp
    To better track chat messages and events
  • Message Log History
  • Central Administration Tool

OMessenger Screenshots

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