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Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

With today's networked office connecting your staff and computers with each other, with branch & home offices, and with the unknown hazards of the Internet, serious threats are one small step away from being a big problem to your business. These kinds of problems can easily include data loss and corruption, private business data and ID theft, business programs and operating system corruption, customer data theft, and employee downtime among other detrimental effects.

A damaging Virus or Malware can arrive in a variety of forms, including for example: a subtly worded email that gets someone to open a malicious attachment (Phishing), a click on the wrong Internet pop-up, visiting an infected or malicious website, an innocent instant message to share a cute picture, an employee usb micro-drive brought from home to share vacation photos, or any similar incident that allows a virus or malware to gain access and potentially bring your daily operations to a grinding halt. You need comprehensive security software running on all of your networked computers to protect against an assortment of digital nasties constantly lurking and working to gain access to your business systems and data.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition

AVG Company Logo 300pxClick to visit siteWe recommend AVG Technologies, Internet Security Business Edition. It provides a comprehensive assortment of scanners and tools to keep your office network safe, secure, and available. It protects everything from your individual user workstations to the various shared servers providing email, filesharing, and business applications for the entire office. AVG is a well-known and trusted brand in this category of software with many industry certifications and awards.
  • High-speed anti-virus/anti-spyware scanner
  • Data Protection
  • LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Enhanced Firewall
  • Phishing Protection
  • Email Scanner
  • Webshield
  • Remote Administration

AVG Remote Administration Console

The "AVG Admin" program provides complete, centralized control of all the AVG clients installed on your network. Keep a "Birds-Eye View" on the security status of your entire office from one convenient location.
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  • Remote Administration
    Management tools provide a continuous overview of the status of all AVG clients and allow administrators to centrally control and modify AVG client settings.
  • Centralized or Distributed Updating
    AVG client updates can be performed centrally on all workstations and scheduled according to any individual organization’s specific requirements. Full support for automatic updates for mobile and remote workers, even when disconnected from the network.
  • Remote Launch of Tests/Updates
    Access workstations and servers remotely to run control tests or to update AVG client protection.
  • Test Results Reports
    Get a comprehensive overview of detection and test results. Administrators can examine and analyze reported data to create a virus audit trail and take appropriate preventative action.
  • Monitoring
    Maintain records of system parameters, current AVG program information, and test results for all workstations in the AVG DataCenter. AVG Admin uses this data to create structured reports.
  • Graphical Reports
    Generate easy-to-read graphical reports quickly and easily to show summary data, most-infected workstations, primary infections, and other statistics.

AVG Business Edition Introduction Video